Mount Evans Lodge No.7
F.&A.M. | P.H.A.
Denver, Colorado

Chartered August 9, 1960


Mount Evans Lodge No.7

Dispensation Issued
August 9, 1959
Charter Granted
August 9, 1960

Stepping out on the theme "In God We Trust," three members of Rocky Mountain Lodge No.1 (Leroy Smith, Squire Bullock, and Maceo Brodnax), petitioned the Grand Lodge of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming for dispensation to start a third Prince Hall Lodge in the Denver area. Then on 9 August 1960 dispensation was granted and Mount Evans Lodge No.7 was created and dedicated to the Holy St. John.
Mount Evans Lodge No.7 has always proven to be a hard working body of Master Masons even though for many years it was the smallest lodge in the Denver area. When the rolls were called for participation in all Masonic functions, Mount Evans No.7 was right there standing even taller, ready to be counted as an active participant. So numerous are the deed and accomplishments of No.7 that to list them all in this writing would be braggadocios, but simply stated, this lodge sets the standard for other Master Masons to follow. The training and teaching that one derives from being a part of Mount Evans Lodge No.7 has been the bases for its members to go on to serve as leaders in other affiliated bodies of Masonry; by count No.7 has more past and present heads of other Prince Hall bodies than any other single lodge in the entire jurisdiction.
Most all the Past Masters have gone on to serve this jurisdiction as Grand Lodge Officers and for several years Mount Evans Lodge No.7 was proud to state that it had more elected and appointed Grand Lodge Officers than any other lodge in this jurisdiction. Three long standing committee chairmen were: PM Paul Taylor of the Jurisprudence committee, PGM Maceo Brodnax, SR. Grand C.C.F.C. and PGM Willie C. (Bill) Moland, Grand Youth Director. PM Gerald Hitch was elected as a RW Grand Trustee, then Appointed as the W Grand Youth Director and instrumental in obtaining the addition $1.00 youth rebate of the $3.00 that we now receive.
So great are the works, deeds and reputation of Mount Evans No.7 that when Past Masters who presided over other lodges, mainly military lodges, return to Denver to live, they eagerly affiliate with Mount Evan’s Lodge No.7. This lodge adds to its fine list of Past Masters the following who served in the East outside the continental United States and now claim No.7 as their home lodge: PM Charles Moss*, PM Franklin Stewart, PM Gerald Hitch, PM Robert Epps and PM Percy Ryan. Mount Evans was also the home lodge of the late PM Leon Starks who came from Texas as a four letter Mason, but was healed and received into Prince Hall Masonry. Mount Evans Lodge No. 7 bestowed the honorary degree of Past Master to Charlie Mason in 1970 for his long and tireless dedication the lodge as its first and only "Tyler". Brother Alfonso Dave was given a posthumous Past Master degree shortly after his death.

It is the of the diversity of education and training that these military Past Masters bring to Mount Evans No.7 that makes it a repository for Masonic knowledge and correctness. Mount Evans Lodge No.7 under the leadership of PM Tommy R. Kennedy was the sponsor of the creation of Daniel "Chappie" James Lodge No.27, now the fourth Prince Hall Lodge located in the Denver/Aurora.

Financially sound, Mount Evans Lodge No.7 has started a growing building fund, several CD's and a healthy savings account. The Craft of this lodge have worked hard towards the day when No.7 will have a building of its own, but for now it shares the facilities of its "mother lodge" Rocky Mountain Lodge No.1, on the corner of Colfax and Ash street where it meets every second and fourth Thursday night at 7:30 p.m.
*Now affiliated with the Oklahoma Jurisdiction.
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